Special Offers

This summer your lucky number is 5!!!

For tents

If you stay in a tent for four nights, the fifth night is free!

For campers

The more the better!
This summer Simos Camping welcomes the Campers with a unique offer!
“Groups of 5 Campers and more earn a discount of 10%!”
Meanwhile, the longer you stay with us with your Camper, the greater the discount!

  • On a 30-day stay, your discount is 20%
  • On a 20-day stay, your discount is 15%
  • On a 15-day stay, your discount is 10%
  • On a 7-day stay, your discount is 5%

The piece de resistance? The discount on your stay is in addition to the discount for groups with Campers!

So don’t delay, come to Elafonisos!

*Discounts and offers are NOT valid between the 12th of July and the 24th of August and apply only for visitors that stay in tents.
**Parking is not included in offers and discounts.