Elafonisos Island

The island which inspired the myth of lost Atlantis

Elafonisos lies on the southeastern tip of the Peloponnese, in Laconia county and boasts an area of 19 square kilometres. In ancient times Elafonisos was not an island but a peninsula ‘ONOU GNATHOS,’ whose name derives from its shape, as according to Pausanias it had the appearance of a donkey’s jaw bone.

The current name derives from the hunting that has existed in the region since ancient times, in particular small and red deer, as mentioned by Pausanias, and there were many temples dedicated to Artemis.

At the small village of Elafonisos, you can taste local treats, indulge in summer cocktails, enjoy a walk in the port teeming with fishing boats, experience the magic of an authentic fishing village, which combines tradition with contemporary life!