What do I need to take with me to the Camp Site?

Camping requires simplicity, so what we need with us is not very difficult to find. Of course at home you have everything necessary to make your stay more comfortable!

Key items for Camping:

  • Extension cords (for those who choose places with electricity)
  • Cord(also for those who choose places with electricity
  • Lamp to have extra lighting if you need it
  • Rope to place your wet swimsuit
  • Sheets, pillows, sleeping bags to have a clean and comfortable bed
  • Towels after bathing
  • Air Mattresses (we offer compressors)
  • Chairs and table
  • Pegs to thoroughly secure your tent
  • External shading device for extra shade all day long
  • And above all… a good mood for the most memorable holiday!

Let’s go!